A leading company in the field of processing and distribution of train plate sheets, with the aim of offering high-quality products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our many years of experience and the expertise of our team allow us to guarantee effective and customized solutions in all stages of the production and logistics process.

Distribution of flat rolled products

For prompt delivery

We offer a wide range of high-quality sheets, ready to be delivered promptly to meet the most urgent requests.

Our well-stocked warehouse and efficient logistics network allow us to guarantee fast and reliable deliveries, both locally and nationally, for customers operating in various industrial sectors, such as construction, automotive, and mechanics.


of steel products

Thanks to our extensive network of international partners, we deal with the import and export of steel products, ensuring quality and convenience for our customers.

Our experience in the sector allows us to select the best suppliers globally and manage all customs and bureaucratic formalities to ensure a smooth import-export process, ensuring full compliance with current regulations.


of train plate sheets

With a state-of-the-art production plant, we are dedicated to the creation of custom train plate sheets, capable of meeting the specific needs of each project.

Our experience and technical skills allow us to work with different types of steel and provide sheets with specific mechanical and geometric characteristics, to ensure maximum strength and durability over time.


for exports

To optimize costs and ensure efficient shipments, we offer groupage service, combining different shipments into a single load for international exports.

This service allows our customers to share transport space with others, reducing shipping costs and minimizing the environmental impact.

Furthermore, our team of experts takes care of the management of all customs and documentary procedures to ensure a smooth and compliant shipping process according to international regulations.

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