In the field of train plate sheet processing, logistics play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and high-quality service. Our company is proud to offer cutting-edge infrastructure and impeccable logistics services, to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and the optimization of processes.

Storage Area

For fast and efficient service

Our storage area covers a surface of 150,000 m², of which 21,000 m² are covered.

This extension allows us to manage a large volume of material and guarantee fast and efficient service. The covered surface protects the sheets from weather and other external agents, preserving their quality and integrity.

Overhead Cranes and Forklifts

for handling heavy loads

To facilitate the movement and transportation of sheets, we have 19 overhead cranes with a maximum capacity of 30 tons and 2 forklifts with a maximum capacity of 40 tons.

Thanks to these vehicles, we can handle heavy loads and ensure optimal organization of our warehouse.

Private Railway Connection

to reduce waiting times

Our private railway connection allows us to receive and ship materials directly from the national railway network, making it easier to transport train plate sheets and reducing delivery times.

This service enables us to be more competitive in the market and offer tailored solutions for the needs of each customer.

Company Vehicles

for any need

To complete our logistics service, we have company vehicles equipped with hydraulic pistons.

These vehicles allow us to move and transport train plate sheets safely and with the utmost care, ensuring impeccable and seamless service.

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